Auriculotherapy, auricular neuromodulation, auricular acupuncture: what are the differences?


Auriculotherapy, a French discovery from the 1950s

Auriculotherapy, a French discovery from the 1950s
Auriculotherapy is a term coined by Dr. Paul Nogier in the 1950s, initially involving the stimulation of the auricle and concha for therapeutic purposes. Paul Nogier's genius was to propose a "mapping," meaning a targeted stimulation of the auricle based on the pathology. However, the term "auriculotherapy" has been associated with later developments that are more questionable scientifically, leading to internal disagreements and various different schools of thought.

Auricular acupuncture, the Chinese-style auriculotherapy

Auricular acupuncture is the integration of the early works of Paul Nogier into acupuncture, who, it is worth noting, was originally a physician and acupuncturist. The mappings used are slightly different from those initially described. A working meeting under the auspices of the UN did take place in Lyon in 1990 to try to reach a consensus. In vain. And it's not about to change. We'll tell you more on another blog.

Auricular neuromodulation, the best of both worlds

Auricular neuromodulation is an approach based on transauricular vagal stimulation, a non-invasive technique for stimulating the vagus nerve, and auriculotherapy within a neurophysiological framework, thus avoiding subsequent developments.
Transauricular vagal stimulation of the vagus nerve is a non-invasive alternative to stimulating the nerve, which would require the placement of a stimulator, making it 'invasive.' Why did we come to stimulate this nerve and why in the ear? As often happens, it's based on a physiopathological misunderstanding. A dedicated post is focused on vagal stimulation.
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